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Never read the comments.

You know how people will say “Never read the comments”! 

To them I say, WHO CARES!

Incredibly unfunny hack comedy. This shit sucks. -killustrator

this is the worst acting ever. kill yourselves -invaderdom

These are two of my favorite comments that I could easily find without digging through hundred of posts over several threads. This shit doesn’t phase me, not in the slightest. Ignore the fact that 95% of the comments are positive  ignore the fact that our employer enjoys our work and keeps making it possible for us to continue. These guys took time out of their day to write (albiet hateful shit) in response to something we created. My math would indicate I come out ahead.

Internet fuckwad: Spends 10 minutes watching our video (thus giving us a view… so thanks for that :P) and then at least 5 creating in their minds the perfect 6-10 word sentence that incapsulates exactly how our video makes them feel. We just stole 15 minutes of your life assholes. :P

Me: 2-4 seconds to read their perfect 6-10 word sentence that incapsulates exactly how our video made them feel. Then I forget about it and move on with my life. I win.

We create shit, week in and week out we make videos because we love it. And no amount of hateful bullshit, spewed from the mouths of anonymous internet fuckwads who probably haven’t created a thing in their life’s will bring me down. 

No amount of words/sentences/paragraphs/essays/novels can take away what we have created and the experiences it has brought us all over the past 9.5 years. I would gladly read 1000 hateful YouTube comments if it meant getting to go to PAX Prime and hangout with all the incredible people I’ve met over the years. I’d read a 500 hundred word essay explaining in great detail how I’m the worst actor the internet has ever seen just to be able to participate in our amazing panels. And I’d read a novel describing how terrible every aspect of LRR is just to be able to keep doing what it is we do.

So bring it on Internet. I can take it.

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